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Bull What?!

November 14, 2012

So a few weeks back, I was wondering around the thrift store, and stumbled upon this little guy…

$0.75… are you kidding me?! I was in love and he came home with me!  I had visions of him all in white, holding my keys by the front door!  I immediately pryed the little banner off of him and…

Shoot! (Trust me, that’s not exactly what I said…)  It took off some of the wood.  No I had to whip out the putty, boo… my 30 minute project turned into a two hour wait for putty to dry.

While I was waiting, the hubby came to see what I was doing… trust me, I was only just slightly jazzed about this bull!  I figured when I explained it to him, he would just roll his eyes… much to my surprise, his response was, “Why are you painting the metal white?  I like the metal, maybe just paint the wood?…”  What?! Who are you, and what have you done with my ‘never have a painting option’ husband?!

So I took a step back and pondered… do I just tell him I’m sticking to my plan, or go with him since this was the only time he’s ever expressed interest in something I’m spray painting?  I decided to give his idea a shot!   So after a light sanding of the putty area, and some painters tape, he was ready for paint!

I gave him one quick coat of primer, followed by one coat of glossy white!  What do you think?!

I LOVE him!  No joke!  I couldn’t be more thrilled with my little $0.75 friend!  He’s shiny and beautiful and has a purpose, luuuuurve him!   (And no, his nose isn’t red – I was wearing a red shirt when I snapped the photo)

Well thanks for letting me geek out today!  What’s new with you?!  Any recent purchase that make you just want to jump for joy?!  I’d love to hear about them!


Five Generations

November 12, 2012

Was thinking about titling this “Five Generations of Crazy” but thought I should maybe be a little more sentimental. 🙂  A few weekends ago, we were finally able to get Emma, me, my mom, her mom and her mom – yes, five generations – all together for a photo! 

We are blessed to have all five generations still kicking, and needed to document the moment – so say cheese!

Emma is certainly one lucky little lady, she’s got three Grandmas to tell her what to do and who she should marry 🙂  The same was true of me… here’s my five generation picture from when I was born.

Her Great Great Grandma had a wonderful time snuggling her up!

I love hands!  Hate feet, but love hands!  Do you?  You know what I love about hands?  They can tell a story on they’re own.  Are you married?  Engaged?  What kind of job did you have?  Are you a DIYer?  Piano player?  Cook?  Do you play the guitar?  Obsessed with lotion?  Nervous?  Excited?  Angry?  How about age?  Our hands can say a lot about us… 

Emma?  She was far more interested in playing with distant cousins!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me show you my pictures!  Tell me about your story 🙂  What do your hands show?  Any family fun lately?  Do you hate feet as much as I do?

Missing Auntie Tiana…

November 9, 2012

Hi Auntie Tiana!  It’s Emma Jo!  I miss you!  We were watching football the other day…

And I found a map!

I tried really hard to find my way to you…

But I kept getting distracted…

Darn football…

Will you be able to find your way home this week?  I can’t wait to see you soon!  Love ~ Emma Jo

It’s an Octopus!

November 2, 2012

Well, some of you guessed it right on!  Emma as a wiggly little octopus this Halloween!  And in true bad-blogger fashion, I didn’t take ONE SINGLE PICTURE of her costume while we were making it!

Essentially, I knew she’d be going in-and-out of her carseat all day, so I wanted something that was easy to remove!  I found white clothes and dyed them all pink.  Her “legs” are adult socks that are stuffed and sewn onto a strip of fabric (actually a strip of one of her Daddy’s old t-shirts), that I stiched a small piece of velcro onto.  Then I glued felt “O’s” that I cut out onto her arms and all her legs, and I glued felt eyes onto her hat. Bam, insta costume!

Emma loved all the attention that this pink creation brought on!  She went to visit Daddy at work, and then went to Mommy’s work to see Grandma and all Mommy’s coworkers!

She certainly hammed it up!  And then we went to a party at her daycare, she loved seeing all the kids dressed up – but was a little confused as to why… she would recognize them, but then make a funny face.

She got lots of treats – mostly babyfood, and some chocolate for Mommy and Daddy – and then we decided to just hang out with her BFF Lauryn (Super Girl) for the rest of the afternoon.

Everything was going great, and all of a sudden, Emma was DONE!

She’d missed her afternoon nap with all the excitement and just needed to go home!  So we let her get lots of sleep, and her smiles were all back after a little snooze!

That’s our Halloween in a nutshell!  How was yours?!  Any great costumes?  What was your favorite treat?  Did you go home feeling like Emma?  See you next week!

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012

Hello again!  While Emma isn’t quite in her halloween costume yet, she wanted to be sure to share some halloween pictures this morning!  We had an impromtu photoshoot this morning to show off her holiday leg warmers that Grandma Johnson made!

Aren’t they awesome?!

They really show off her chubby toes, see her toes?!  Wait, she’ll give you a closer look!

They just make her giddy!

Giddy enought to try a crab walk!

Well sort of… she’ll just stick to her attempts at regular crawling…. me being a bad blogger lately, I forgot to take pictures of Grandma Johnson making them… boo.  But it looked pretty simple.  All she did was take knee-high adult socks, cut the foot off, and sew on some ruffles!  These were the first of many more that you’ll see!

Uh oh… Daddy busted our photo shoot!

So let’s move onto the pumpkins!  Each year Chris and I carve fake pumpkins, so that we can display them year-after-year.  This was our third year (you can see year one here and year two here).  I themed mine last year based off the fact that we had gotten a cat, so this year I thought it would only make sense to base it on another life event, so I chose a Mummy.  Mommy… Mummy… get it?!  Punny, I know 🙂  Chris likes to do characters, so he chose Boo from Mario brothers, cause I always ask to keep it Halloween related.  Emma decided to model them for us this year!

She was pretty excited about them! 

Well… Happy Halloween!  We’ll maybe be back later today, or tomorrow, to show off Emma’s official Halloween costume!  Anyone feeling fishy?!  Or ever wish they had more arms to tackle projects?!  Well Emma felt the same way!  See you later!

Living it up, in the Living Room

October 30, 2012

Hello!  And welcome back for another pinterest challenge at The Helm House!  This is our fifth time participating in these challenges (the brain child of the always witty Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power).

Our previous challenges have been some fun ones, including:

  • Our Mosaic Wall Art we did for our guestroom, although it never came to fruition because that room quickly turned into a nursery!
  • Our Drop Cloth “Cape” Curtains from Super Hero Week where we announced we were expecting our little monster!
  • A Textured Canvas that snuck it’s way in at the beginning of the year for a wonderful winter wedding!
  • And lastly, a Flower Mobile for our sweet little Emma’s nursery

So this round, I thought I would bring it back down to the main floor.  We have these wonderful colonnades between our living and dining rooms, which we absolutely adore.  However the bookcases on the living room side have always been a little lack luster…

I have debated painting the back of them for over two years now, but because I can’t seem to find time to paint the walls (mainly because I am dreading painting the ishy popcorn ceiling), I just never thought it was worth it.  Even with my pretty heartthrob Rigley the Rhino taking residence there…

That was until the never-failing Pinterest gave me an idea!  Why not use fabric – it’s totally replaceable, interchangable, huggable, unbelievable!  I scoped out some ideas…

Like the first one above, it a good tutorial from In My Own Style.  So the little monster and I headed to Walmart and picked up just one yard of fabric.  We found a great bold striped pattern that is marroon and ivory, it was discounted for $1/yard, so we just took everything they had left, for a whopping $1.83!  Can I get a whoop whoop?! (No? Okay… moving on…)

When we got home, I ran out to the garage and grabbed some scrap cardboard, a tape measure and a utility knife.  From the junk drawer, I just grabbed some painters tape… I figured that would work great to hold my fabric and not ruin it in case I wanted to use it in the future for pillows or what-have-you.

I did a quick rough measurements, cut and taped… A half hour later, or in Emma’s world – two Doc McStuffins episodes later… This is what we were left with!  What do you think?!

Not too shabby for $1.83, huh?!  And Perfectly, Imperfect!  Anywho, thanks for stopping by!  I want to encourage you to visit the Pinterest Challenge Birthers Mamas to check out their projects below.  In addition, their two co-pinners this challenge, Sarah from Ugly Duckling House and Carmel from Our Fifth House.

I have a great time working on these Pinterest Challenges every season, it always seems to give me the go-go blogging juice I need!  I’d like to say sorry for the poor pictures and use of old photos… this little monster doesn’t give me much of a chance to snap any… so I use what I got! 🙂 Anywho, I will be back tomorrow with some Halloween fun!  See you then!

Over 4 Months Old

October 12, 2012

Thought I would take a minute today to share Emma’s 4 Month photos.  While they are way over due (Emma will turn 5 months on Monday 10/15 already) – I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share them!  Let’s start with the fox!  She had just been told to take the fox’s ear out of her mouth… this is the look I got… mean mommy…

Next up was the lamb, which she was really beating up – frankly she seemed pretty happy about it.

The photo of her on her changing table.  She’s getting to be a pretty big monster!

And of course, the close up.  She was quite smiley this day… lots and lots of giggles.

We’ll try to be back next week!  Have a great weekend!