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Finding a Groove

August 22, 2011
Do you ever have those days where nothing seems to go right? Well I have had a few of those lately… everything from finish the guest room to working on a new blog, my online photo class to overpriced auction bids, and ever increasing housework to a truck that just isn’t making par… Really those days have been piling up. So last week, one night, I cracked. I’d had enough. I told Chris to go away for a few minutes and let me do something I was good at!

I needed to reboot. I needed just a few minutes to DO something that I was good at. So Chris headed out the door and I went into the den to grab supplies. I was waiting on doing some quick projects until after the guest room was finished but after having a losing battle with the nail gun I caved. I turned on the iPod and headed straight for the scrabble board to pound out a quick project!

A few months back I decided that I wanted some sort of message board in the Peacock Room. A place to leave little notes for visitors… and a scrabble board was going to be my solution. I snapped one up from a local thrift store for $1 a while ago and was surprised to discover later on that it even had all it’s tiles! The paint and brush I had on hand so it was time to start!

I wanted the boards to have a splash of color, so I decided to paint them.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted a full coat or a distressed looking coat… after doing one of both, I decided a full coat was more my style! So I added two complete coats…

And that’s it! One project that made me feel complete!

All it took was 5 minutes, $1.00 and the Black Eyed Peas to make the world right again! Happy Monday!

PS – Chris came back with a part-time job after my reboot, yay for more auction moo-lah!

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  1. August 15, 2012 10:55 am

    Genius! This may be my new favorite blog! Your DIY’s are cute, creative, and not crazy hard or time consuming. I’ve got 2 companies, a house, and a one year old to juggle so cute and quick DIY’s help me keep some semblance of sanity!

    • August 16, 2012 8:41 am

      Thanks Megan! I don’t have a ton of spare time and the quick projects are generally what help me regain my sanity in a crazy busy world 🙂

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