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Baby Shower – Numero Uno

May 10, 2012

Hmmm… that was an akward spanish flair in the title… I didn’t even take spanish, so no idea where it came from… random pregnancy thought?  The only spanish I speak is “taco” and “margarita” – huh, anywho, back on task!

The last Saturday in April, marked the date of my first baby shower!  Chris’ family threw it at Buffalo Wild Wings in the cities.  Hello!  B-Dubs for a shower – simply genius!  Others may think it weird, but it was honestly perfect.  It was laid back, casual and stress free.  No one had to serve food, we could all just kick back and chat – and I was totally eyeing up everyone’s drinks… just a few more days until I get that glass of wine, no lying I CAN”T WAIT!

I had an AH-MAZING time!  I hadn’t seen many of his family members since our wedding over a year and a half ago.  So it was great getting everyone together again!  We got lots of great gifts, all were items that we needed prior to baby’s arrival… we couldn’t be more appreciative.

And I even found time to squeeze in a project that I had pinned well over a year ago… check it out…

Above is a picture that I pinned, and planned to use as a baby shower guest book for a super long time.  I wanted something that doubled as nursery wall art (this will go on the gallery wall that I dream about), instead of something that I would simply tuck into a hope chest never to be seen again.

So on Friday night (procrastinator, remember?) I sat down in my dining room, taped a piece of paper onto the wall and projected a tree image onto it.  After tracing the tree, I brought it to my first shower and everyone signed it with their finger print.  This tree will come to all future showers and serve as our guest book.  Once it’s all complete, we will hang it up!  It just makes me giddy!

Well thanks for stopping by this morning, check back this afternoon for another post!  Two posts in one day, watch out! 🙂

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